2017 Fire Season

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All evacuation orders and warnings related to the Wall Fire in the foothills above Oroville were lifted early yesterday evening. Cal Fire says the fire has burned through 6,033 acres. It is 75 percent contained.  

Separately, a small, nearby 5-acre fire that burst out near the intersection of Rebie Way and Forbestown Road near Lake Oroville has been fully contained.  

With some fearing the worst, people ordered from their homes as the Wall Fire spread were invited by authorities Tuesday to learn the fate of everything they left behind. 

A slow trickle of residents, some almost buoyant, others seemingly dragging their feet, approached the Municipal Auditorium in downtown Oroville, hoping for the best.  

They had come to hear directly from Cal Fire and Butte County officials whether their homes were among the 41 consumed by the fire. 

Carolyn Opalenik has lived above Oroville for nearly two decades.  

More homeowners ordered to flee their houses as fire swept through the Sierra foothills above Oroville are bracing for the worst. Cal Fire officials have significantly raised their estimate of the number of homes consumed by the still burning Wall Fire. 

According to Cal Fire, 41 single-family homes, 46 backyard sheds and other outbuildings and two commercial structures were utterly destroyed by the fire, first reported Friday afternoon.  

Another three homes and seven outbuildings were significantly damaged.  

Nearly 4,000 people are still unable to return home as the Wall Fire continues to scorch over 5,600 acres east of Oroville. Reporter Adia White tells us what services are available to those who were forced to evacuate.

There are around 118 evacuees at the Church of the Nazarene in Oroville, and shelter manager Pam Dedich says they still have room for more.  

“We have a lot of beds left, and we also still have a lot of facilities that we have registered and been approved with, and we would put that out to the community if we needed to expand,” she said.

Tremendous efforts by firefighters battling through the night, have paid some dividends in Butte County where Cal Fire is reporting the explosive Wall Fire near Oroville now 35 percent contained.  

Cal Fire spokeswoman Mary Eldridge said that major concerns remain. 

“We’ve got 5,400 structures that are threatened, meaning that they are in the path of the fire," she said. "Of Structures destroyed, our current count is 17, and structures damaged is five.” 

Despite the destruction however, there are signs that fire crews are beginning to turn the corner. 

Are You Prepared For Fire Season?

Jun 15, 2017
Cal Fire Butte County


It’s nearly summer, and that means hitting the lake, school vacations and in California…. fire season. In Magalia, Cal Fire inspectors Steve Clement and Susan Beeler are driving around, going door to door to make sure everyone is prepared.

Clouds of magenta fire retardant rained down from Cal Fire aircraft Tuesday, as a brush fire scorched about 100 acres of rangeland north of Oroville.  

Cal Fire reported the blaze 95 percent contained by about 4 p.m.  

The fire was initially reported about three hours earlier. The fire was centered near the intersection of Nelson Avenue and Wilbur Road west of Oroville.

The cost of fighting wildfires continues to grow and it's putting a strain on the US Forest Service.

The cost of fighting wildfires has exceeded the funding level congress provided to the Forest Service for six years in a row.

For the first time in more than 100 years, wildfire costs in fiscal year 2015 totaled more than half the federal agency’s budget.

Shaun Donovan is director of the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Air attack units with the US Forest Service have resumed airdrops on another fire in the Feather River Canyon this morning. Officials said that despite a very active response Monday, the so-called Tobin Fire has burned 375 acres.

The blaze, centered north of State Highway 70, is burning west of Rock Creek and east of Jackass Creek. Officials say the area is heavy with fuel — dead snags still standing after fires struck the same area in 2000 and 2008. Firefighters are being hampered by steep and rugged terrain.

Progress Made On North State Wildfires

Sep 14, 2016

Cal Fire is making forward progress on the many fires that have sparked in the North State over the past few days.

Ongoing since this weekend is the Willard Fire in Susanville. It’s destroyed two homes and four structures and is now more than 2,500 acres in size. It’s now 60 percent contained.