Cell phones are a huge distraction in the college classroom. But two Chico State students are trying to change that with a cell phone application they’ve created that rewards students for staying off their mobile devices.

The app is called Pocket Points. And the way it works is simple. You go to class, log into the app, lock your phone and you instantly start racking up points. 

CHP Warns Of Daylight Saving Time's Effect On Drivers

18 hours ago

Sunday is Daylight Saving Time, which will gain us an hour of sun, but will cause us to lose an hour of sleep. It’s the latter that worries the California Highway Patrol. 

According to a press release from the CHP, losing even one hour of sleep can affect a person’s internal clock. And that lack of sleep, says Redding CHP Officer Jason Morton, can turn people into unsafe drivers. 

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The roll-out of a new system of trash collection is causing some concerns among affected Butte County residents. 

A new system to better coordinate trash pick-up in unincorporated parts of Butte is rattling the cages of a few local residents with confusion and frustration. 

Several residents contacted NSPR, complaining about reductions and losses of various services. 

Candace Menefee, who has lived in the same home for 22 years, was upset and a bit astounded when she learned that she would lose a service she’s grown to count on.

The Redding City Council told frustrated homeowners there is nothing it can do to alleviate the problem of stray bullets flying by and in some cases hitting their homes nearby a shooting range used by Redding police.  

Redding police Chief Robert Paoletti told the council he doubts that any stray or ricochet bullets are leaving the Record Range, which sits just west of Redding city limits near the Mary Lake Subdivision. But story after story was told by neighbors about bullets being found in nearby yards, playgrounds, and even in a wall of a child’s bedroom. 

You’d think that getting nearly $5 million to spend would be cause for celebration, but not if you’re nearly $8 million in the hole. That was essence of most of the discussions last night before the Chico City Council, where officials met to decide how to spend a windfall that was hard to imagine a year ago. 

 “Are we out of the woods yet just because we have this $4.8 million?” Chico City Manager Mark Orme said at the meeting. “Absolutely not! But are we headed in the right direction? Absolutely.”

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 Many residents of unincorporated parts of Butte County are getting used to a new routine on trash day, if not a new trash day altogether. Plans to divide up the county into three separate areas and grant exclusive fiefdoms to the different companies that used to compete took effect this week.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has for the first time spoken publicly about the killing of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, calling his death a shameful tragedy. Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister who became a major opposition figure, was shot four times in the back Friday as he was walking near the Kremlin.

"The most serious attention should be paid to high-profile crimes, including the ones with a political subtext," Putin said in a televised address to the Interior Ministry. He said the country should be devoid of the shame and tragedies it has recently seen and endured.

Read part one of our reporting on the FAFSA, "Shrink The FAFSA? Good Luck With That"

It's deadline time for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Better known as the FAFSA.

The daunting application — with its 108 questions — stands between many college hopefuls and much-needed financial aid.

The Justice Department reportedly did not find enough evidence to charge white former officer Darren Wilson with any civil rights violations for shooting Michael Brown last August in Ferguson, Mo. But it did find plenty of evidence of routine discrimination by Ferguson police against black residents.

The World War II-era Japanese battleship Musashi was sunk by U.S. warplanes on Oct. 24, 1944, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, one of the war's largest naval battles. Despite numerous eyewitness accounts at the time, the location of the wreckage was never known. Until now.