Butte County Sheriff's Office Special Enforcement Unit

Authorities raided a marijuana plantation in the Sierra foothills above Oroville Wednesday, seizing and destroying plants weighing almost 3,900 pounds.

Rigoberto Zavala, a 45-year old-Mexican citizen arrested at the scene, is being held on $195,000 bail.

Law enforcement officers say they confiscated nearly 5,300 plants from a property on Natchez Creek Road in the unincorporated Bangor area of Butte County. A second suspect escaped capture. Authorities with the Butte County Sheriff’s Office said they recovered an AR-15 rifle at the scene.


In Greco-Roman mythology, Juno was Jupiter's wife (and sister... hmm). Jupiter would shroud his behaviors in clouds, but Juno could part them and see what Jupiter was up to. Launched five years ago, NASA's Juno spacecraft will be lifting the veil on Jupiter when it enters Jovian orbit on the Fourth of July. 

The craft, the fastest thing ever built by humans, will gather data on the gas giant's magnetosphere, its gravity and its very composition. This data could help provide insight on many of the exoplanets we've so far discovered, as a great number of them appear compositionally similar to Jupiter. 

Gardens for Heroes

Are you a person who takes refuge in the natural world or your home garden? If so, then you appreciate the many benefits of these for regrouping from life’s stresses, large and small. As we look to the Fourth of July, we’re joined this week by Ann Mead Daniel, co-founder with her husband Scott Robertson of Gardens for Heroes. It’s a young non-profit in the Washington DC area, whose work seeks to help wounded veterans and their families find space and resources for regrouping and healing in the context of their own home gardens.

Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management / Flickr, Creative Commons

By now you’ve noticed it’s summer, and hot—time to head up the road to the coast, or into the high country. Mark Twain described existence here otherwise when he poked fun at California's capital city in his 1872 travelogue Roughing It: “It is a fiery summer always, and you can gather roses, and eat strawberries and ice cream, and wear white linen clothes, and pant and perspire, at eight or nine o’clock in the morning.” Yep. We’ve all been there.

California sits atop a massive reserve of water so large, it blows state estimates right out of the proverbial you-know-what.

In scientific findings published this week, Stanford University researchers estimated that official state forecasts of California’s groundwater reserves may be off by as much as a factor of three.

The man who led police and highway patrol units on a 62-mile high-speed chase Tuesday was under the influence of a mind-altering substance.

“He’s definitely under the influence of some type of drug,” said Officer Jason Morton with the California Highway Patrol. “He definitely thinks he’s still in Stockton, California. He has no idea where he’s at. He has no idea of even being stopped or even contacted by Anderson Police Department. He had no idea why there were spike strips on the freeway and why we were chasing him.”

The Chico Youth Court is a restorative justice program aimed at mitigating the impacts of juvenile crime. Joe Montes manages AAA Properties and also serves as the judge of Chico Youth Court, but he just helps from the procedural side — the youth are judged and represented by their peers. 


Since the release of her 2012 debut, Chestnut Street, Kendra McKinley has explored a variety of musical styles including folk, jazz, and bossa nova, but with the release of her latest album, TREAT, Kendra has settled comfortably into the world of psychedelic rock. 

Advocates of a proposed rail link between the Sacramento Valley and Eureka received state financial support for a study.

Caltrans announced $276,000 in grants were awarded to Trinity County on Friday to study the possible project.

The idea is being considered primarily to move freight, not people, though possible passenger service will also be evaluated.

File Photo / Matt Shilts / September 2015

Higher taxes, longer response times or lower wages. That’s the essence of the choices facing Butte County residents as officials weigh a reorganization of county firefighting services.

Officials will hold two more community meetings this week as they seek public input on how to react to rising costs.


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