NSPR News Brief: Oct. 26

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Here's your daily briefing...

Update on Palm Springs bus crash … Half of the tires on the tour bus that smashed into tractor-trailer on Interstate 10 near Palm Springs, killing 13 people, were worn down to an unsafe level. That’s according to National Safety Board member Earl Weener. The Associated Press reports that yesterday Weener said the condition of the tires meant the bus 1996 bus could have been taken out of service because it was out of compliance. The cause of the crash remains undetermined.

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Luciano Belviso / Flickr

PolitiFact California looks at claims made by elected officials, candidates and groups and rates them as: True, Mostly True, Half True, Mostly False, False and Pants On Fire.

Mary Plummer / KPCC

In the run-up to next month’s election, we’re taking a closer look at the 17 measures Californians will be weighing. We start with Proposition 51, which would fund school construction by selling bonds. Reporter Mary Plummer starts our story by taking us inside a school needing help….

Step inside a classroom at Felton Elementary, and at first things seem pretty normal. 

Third-grader Jade has just finished a math test, and is taking a break to work on a coloring project.

“I’m drawing Seedot,” she says. “It’s a Pokemon. He’s really cute.” 

NSPR News Brief: Oct. 25

Oct 25, 2016
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Here's your daily briefing...

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As legal battles continue over the fate of three dams that impede salmon and steelhead on the Klamath River, work aimed at aiding the iconic, but imperiled fish was wrapping up on one the Klamath’s key tributaries, the Trinity River. NSPR’s Marc Albert has more.


If it all works out, no one will even know they were here.

On a recent Monday, though, that was hard to imagine.    

NSPR News Brief: Oct. 24

Oct 24, 2016
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ep_jhu / Flickr

No California ballot fight has attracted more money or bigger names than Proposition 61.

Proponents call it the only initiative in the country that could rein in rising drug prices. Pharmaceutical companies have spent nearly $110 million to oppose it.

But politics aside, experts see a problem with the measure. They question whether California could implement the law and what the consequences would be, if it can’t.

The Shasta Serenade

Oct 22, 2016

This week we are rebroadcasting a show from July 2, 2016. The show features music from the late Ralph Stanley, and Scotty Moore (Elvis’ guitar player), both of whom died the week before the show aired. 

We talk with some of the Chico artists who are inviting the public to come visit them in their workspaces during the Open Studios Art Tour. And we talk with director & cast from the current production by Redding's Axiom Repertory Theatre -- "Into the Woods," the Stephen Sondheim musical about characters out of different fairy tales mixing & colliding.

Shasta College Spanish instructor Ann Sittig gathered oral histories of Mayan women living in Nebraska and working in meatpacking plants.  She published these stories in a book, The Mayans Among Us: Migrant Women and Meatpacking on the Great Plains.


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Open to everyone, The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a national assignment to engage people of all ages in the act of listening.

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As Hillary Clinton traverses battleground states across the country in the final stretch of the election, Donald Trump paid a visit Wednesday to the solidly-Democratic, tiny District of Columbia.

He wasn't there for D.C.'s votes.

Trump was attending the opening of the Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C., in what is known as the Old Post Office building on Pennsylvania Ave., blocks from the White House.

A Canadian woman who worked as a nurse has been charged with the murders of eight nursing home residents in Ontario over the course of seven years.

If Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer is found guilty, The Globe and Mail reports, the 49-year-old woman would be "among the worst serial killers in Canadian history."

Public health authorities and infectious disease specialists now say we may not be able to rid the U.S. of the Zika virus. Despite months of intense work — including house to house inspections and aggressive mosquito control — federal, state and local officials have not been able to stop the spread of Zika in Miami.

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