Today’s musical guests hail from Portland, Oregon and perform on instruments rarely utilized by rock power trios – cello, vibraphone, and the drums. Human Ottoman will perform in Chico this Thursday night at The Naked Lounge alongside local acts Viking Skate Country and Michael Bone.

We talk with Chico artist Doug Rathbun who uses scrap metal and discarded parts to create whimsical sculptures -- a giant fish, an oversized spider, a quirky dragonfly. We also go to Redding's Riverfront Playhouse to hear from the director & cast of the hilarious classic comedy "Charley's Aunt" in which a man must masquerade as his friend's eccentric aunt.

NSPR News Brief: May 26

May 26, 2017

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Bills sink or swim: With the legislative calendar winding down, dozens of proposals were torpedoed by a state Senate committee Thursday without a vote. About 80 bills went off to oblivion.  

In his debut novel, The Secret Watcher of Summit Avenue, Mark Morlock creatively imagines the history of a Victorian house and its four generations. Author David Allee tells the story of a different Victorian house in his historical novel, The Good Serpent Orphanage. This week join host Nancy Wiegman for the stories of two turn of the century houses and their residents.

NSPR News Brief: May 25

May 25, 2017

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Spillway repairs underway: Lower parts of the failed Oroville Dam spillway are being obliterated by heavy equipment and explosives as an army of workers race the calendar. Revised plans call for rebuilding the spillway from the bottom up.  DWR has promised to have some functional way to drain the lake by November 1st, the start of the rainy season.  

It’s been several months since we last talked about the astronomical event of the year and maybe even our lifetimes – The Great American Total Solar Eclipse is coming on August 21, 2017. You don’t want to miss it – but neither will anyone else – we talk to Mr. Eclipse Fred Espenak.

What do we mean when we use the word “wild” and why does it matter? In 2017, the New York City urban landscape commonly known as The High Line celebrates its official 5th birthday. This milestone is being marked by the publication of a new book entitled "Gardens of the High Line: Elevating the Nature of Modern Landscapes" (Timber Press, 2017), coauthored by plantsmen Piet Oudolf and Rick Darke, with graphic design by Lorraine Ferguson.

Erik Fitzpatrick

Today we head Up the Road to Memorial Day weekend and one of the most amazing events anywhere. Almost 50 years ago, when it first got rolling, it was known—take a breath—as the World Championship Great Arcata to Ferndale Cross-Country Kinetic Sculpture Race. This moving tribute to “form over substance” has honored its exuberant roots as it evolved into the 42-mile Kinetic Grand Championship. Less officially it’s called “the triathlon of the art world,” meaning that both bodies of art and artists’ bodies are publicly put to the test.

Songs From SXSW: Part 4

May 22, 2017

Today we conclude our four-part series recapping this year’s South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. On our final day of the festival we did something a little different and traveled outside the main downtown area to an unofficial music showcase hosted by two young Austinites who also recently launched their own label, Mutual Friends Records.

NSPR News Brief: May 22

May 22, 2017

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By the end of the state legislative session in Texas on Monday, the Capitol had devolved into scuffles and grave accusations. A Democratic lawmaker had accused his GOP colleague of threatening to "put a bullet" in another lawmaker's head. That GOP state representative, meanwhile, accused a counterpart of threatening his life, saying he was prepared to use his gun in self-defense.

To understand how the day ended this way, one must first rewind to its start.

For families spread out across the country, videos and video chats have become a meaningful way to share a baby's first steps, a birthday party or a loved one blowing a kiss.

But for people in prison, rules limiting access to the Internet and cameras can make sharing these moments difficult. In Colorado Springs, an artist came up with a creative solution.

Like many proud parents, Nicole Garrens captured her son Zander's first steps on her cellphone. She wanted to share the video with her husband, Roy, but he recently went to prison in Texas.

Fourteen years later, Rep. Walter B. Jones still remembers with full clarity the day he started to regret his vote to go to war.

"This is the first funeral I went to that made me started thinking that I made the wrong decision of giving (President George W.) Bush the authority to go into Iraq," said Jones, pointing to a picture of Marine Sgt. Michael Bitz.

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