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Rock-A-Barry Weekend

Apr 30, 2016

This is the last weekend of April and the Shasta Serenade morphs into the Rock-a-Barry Weekend Show, although I think this month it should be Pop-a-Barry ‘cuz we’re celebrating a lot of pop and jazz artists’ birthdays. Leading the way are Ella Jane Fitzgerald, Bobby Rydell and his pop-hit “Sway” and Jersey Boy Frankie Valli of the Four Seasons. Also on hand will be Roy Orbison, “Wrecking Crew” member and super star Glen Campbell, Tammy Terrell, Judy Collins and Dusty Springfield,  just to name a few.

And remember that next week’s show (May 7) we will preview some of the music festivals being staged in Northern California. Music festivals are easily the best entertainment value you can get, so I hope you have time to tune in. See you at the music!

This week on Weekend Showcase we visit Butte College's Black Box Theatre to talk with the director and cast of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." We also hear from artist Paula Busch who'll be displaying her paintings at Chico's 1078 Gallery. Busch's artistic process involves hot wax, vivid pigments and string.

In her book Strangers Together: How My Son's Autism Changed My Life, Joan Goodreau recounts stories that help both parents and professionals better understand the reality of living with autism.

Marc Albert

On Wednesday, dozens of social workers, representatives of nonprofit and government agencies converged to put all homeless services together under one roof, if only for a single day.

By about 1:30, the line for haircuts was 60 deep. That’s despite the efforts of half a dozen volunteer barbers at an event Wednesday meant to connect the region’s homeless with resources, programs, help and a friendly ear.

Throngs of people lined up for health screenings, others availed themselves of pet grooming stations and vouchers for spay and neuter clinics.

Abigail Harrison

Abigail Harrison has always wanted to be an astronaut, and hopes to be the first person on Mars. The 18-year-old is a freshman at Wellesley College, and she shares her optimism and audacity through her nonprofit The Mars Generation. Whether or non she wears a NASA uniform one day, she is an inspiration to us all to work hard and dream big.

Do you have particular plant groups you like more than most? Because of family history or where you live, perhaps? The Geranium family of flowering plants rank right up there for me. And I’m not alone. This week on Cultivating Place we’re joined by Robin Parer — founder and owner of the specialty Geraniaceae Nursery, champion of all members of the Geraniaceae family. She is also the author of “The Plant Lovers Guide to Hardy Geraniums,” out now from Timber Press.

Up the Road: Sutter Buttes

Apr 27, 2016
Ken Schneider / Flickr, Creative Commons

You’re driving home up 99, feeling as road worn as an old tire. As the landscape opens before you and the sky expands, the freeway stress starts rolling away. But it’s not until you reach the Sutter Buttes that you fully relax and breathe, deep. It’s not until you reach the Sutter Buttes that you know you’re almost home.

Bringing the basics together is no easy feat.

Just ask Josh Indar, a volunteer with Project Homeless Connect.

He’s one of dozens of people who have spent part of the last six months organizing a five-hour convergence of 65 different entities, with one unifying goal: smoothing the path forward for the homeless.

“Having all of the services in one place where they can be accessed at one time can cut down on basically months of running around,” Indar said.

North Valley Community Foundation

Dan Strauss started the Alex Project, which spreads the word about help for anyone in crisis — but especially teens. Alex was 17 when he died by suicide. He was Dan's son.

The Alex Project's goal is that no one die simply because he or she can't find someone to talk to. And for many young people, it's easier to reach out via text. The project spreads the word about how easy it is to connect with suicide prevention resources.

If you or anyone you know is in crisis, or just need to talk to someone, text "Listen" to 741741 — the numbers on the left side of the phone — and talk to someone from Crisis Text Line 24/7. 

Raymond Wald / Flickr cc http://bit.ly/1XC4tp5

Regulators will likely get an earful at a meeting seeking public input on water and electricity rates Tuesday.

The meeting, set by the California Public Utilities Commission, concerns a large rate increase sought by the California Water Service Company, and already approved plans changing how people buy electricity.


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