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Despite its destructive powers, meth remains the most widely abused drug in the North State. While not nearly as prevalent, Butte County authorities warned Thursday of the growing proliferation of another substance. Perhaps less dangerous to users, it still presents tremendous risks to local amateur chemists attempting to produce it.  

A small group gathered Thursday at the Redding City Council chambers to hear from State Assemblyman Brian Dahle and Councilman Brent Weaver on the issue of crime in Redding, and what is being done to fight it. 

A man was injured in a fire that broke out in an industrial building in Chico on Wednesday. 

According to the Chico Enterprise-Record the blaze broke out at about 1:40 in the afternoon in the 13000 block of Cabin Hollow Court. 

Firefighters are reported to have put out the fire quickly, but not before it could cause about $50,000 of damage. 

A fire broke out Wednesday morning at the world’s largest producer of rice waste energy in Colusa County.

Fire crews got word of flames shooting from Wadham Energy, just south of Williams east of Interstate 5, around 3:30 Wednesday morning, according to Fox-40 TV.

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The Tahoe Conference Room in Oroville was swarming Tuesday as Butte County employees stood in lines to get on scales and to have their blood pressure checked. The reason? 

The measurements were all about gathering personal health baseline numbers for a countywide walking challenge that starts in about two weeks.  


Regardless of how scarce groundwater becomes in Butte County, local officials will have some manner of control. Reacting to new statewide regulations requiring California to start monitoring groundwater, the Butte County Board of Supervisors moved to name the county as the local Groundwater Sustainability Agency. 

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It’s been 25 years since the California Department of Public Health launched its first anti-smoking advertisements in the state. Starting this week it’s launching ads on a new enemy – electronic cigarettes.

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Even the longest journey, begins with a first step. The Confucian trope may best encapsulate what’s ahead for officials in Butte County, and California’s other counties as they slowly prepare to regulate the state’s vast but diminishing groundwater supplies.

On Tuesday, supervisors in Butte County will be asked to establish a lead local agency ultimately responsible for assuring that local groundwater supplies are wisely used. 

Redding police discovered a “honey oil” drug lab on Saturday after responding to a call about a possible fire and explosion. 


According to a press release from the Redding Police Department, officers responded to the call around 8 in the evening at the 1000 block of East Street. Upon arrival the fire was already out, but they discovered the honey oil lab, which was being used to create a form of concentrated cannabis. 


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Oroville’s civic boosters believe they have a secret worth spreading. The secret, of course, is Oroville and all they’ve lined up to encourage industry to relocate there. 

The people behind a new website, Oroville: California’s Business Oasis, are trying to promote Oroville and surrounding communities as places turning the state’s reputation on its head. The site — aimed at so-called location consultants, hired by manufacturers on the hunt for sites to expand — focuses on potential pluses for businesses.