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Each week host Nancy Wiegman talks to local, regional and national writers about their latest projects. Co-produced by Nolan Ford, Nancy's Bookshelf airs Wednesdays from 10 to 11 a.m.

Ways to Connect

This weekend, Paradise playwright, actor and poet Craig Heath will be among those enjoying the Renaissance Faire in Grass Valley. He was inspired by Shakespeare to write a short Commedia dell'Arte play, The Shaming of the Rake. This week join Nancy for scenes from this play and also poems from Craig's book, The End of an Ordinary Life.

Retired biology professor Raymond Barnett has just finished his seventh book, The Death of Mycroft: Sherlock Holmes and the Secret of D-Day. This week join Nancy for a new Holmes mystery, and also the ancient Chinese way of living known as Taoism in Professor Barnett's previous book, Relax, You're Already Home.

Most Californians know little of California's experience during the Civil War. Author Richard Hurley delved into the home front activities during the nation's bloodiest war, and chronicles the adventures of the brave men who fought far from home. This week join Nancy for a conversation with the author of California and the Civil War.

Dan Corbin grew up in a peach orchard near Yuba City to become a successful studio artist. He tells his story in a memoir, Kiss of the Art Gods. This week join Nancy for a conversation with this local author and sculptor.

Local author Brian T. Marshall has written a mystery novel entitled Fleet. Nancy Leek writes about local history for children and adults, including her book, John and Annie Bidwell: The Long and Short of It. This week join Nancy for a conversation with two authors whose books are illustrated by artist Steve Ferchaud.

With the start of a new school year, Redding occupational therapist and physical therapist Suzanne Cresswell offers strategies to help students find the "ability" in learning disability. This week join Nancy for a conversation with the author of Unique Learner Solutions.

Redding author Deborah Gilson has been writing since she was 7 years old when her mother typed her dictated stories. She continues to write true stories of her animals, her family, her loves and losses. This week join Nancy for a conversation with the author of Born to Write.

Transgenders have now been barred from serving in the military. Former Navy SEAL and transgender Kristin Beck asked psychologist Anne Speckhard to write her story. This week join Nancy for a conversation with the author of Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL's Journey to Coming Out Transgender.

The work of photographers, visual artists, and poets inspired award-winning Chico author Rob Davidson's latest collection of fiction, Spectators: Flash Fiction. This week join Nancy for conversations with a professor of creative writing about his short fiction. 

Research has shown that simple humming can reduce stress, heart rate, and blood pressure, and enhance sleep. This week join Nancy for a conversation with Andi and Jonathan Goldman, authors of The Humming Effect: Sound Healing for Health and Happiness.