Redding Council Scraps New Flag

Jan 18, 2017

The Redding City Council was supposed to approve a new flag design last Tuesday, but after so many community members opposed the idea because of budget constraints it was scrapped in favor of letting a community organization take up the effort.

The proposed new flag would have featured a rendition of the Sundial Bridge with a green and blue background symbolizing the Sacramento River and surrounding forest land. But a cost of about $2,500 to manufacture and purchase the flag was too much for some to take. Citing what they see as a city where crime is rampant and roads are crumbling, speakers told the council this is not the time.

Bowing to pressure, Councilwoman Francie Sullivan who brought the proposal forward originally said while she meant to bring the community together, she would drop the idea in the interest of harmony.

"This is totally not appropriate to carry on with this when it is obvious that there are so many people in our community who came down here this evening to complain about it,” she said.

So it is hoped that a community group will raise the banner and take on the project funded by private money, with possibly a contest for the new design among local artists.