Blue Dot 43: The Science, Art & Technology Of Rock & Roll With Richie Castellano

Feb 2, 2017

Yup that’s one of my favorite bands from my formative years, Blue Oyster Cult and no, I don’t think they need more cowbell…I grew up on The Beatles and then transitioned as a teenager into the world of progressive rock. My two favorite bands were Yes and Genesis (with Peter Gabriel). The complexity of the music and its classical influences fascinated me, as did the new types of instrumentation – synthesizers, multiple keyboards, and guitars. Recently, I saw an iteration of Yes called ARW for the members – Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, and Rick Wakeman. Wakeman has always been one of my rock heroes – his keyboard wizardry is second to none. I also started watching lots of covers of Yes music by talented musicians and saw how much they were influenced by 70s prog rock. That’s when I stumbled onto our guest's YouTube channel. Richie Castellano plays bass, guitar, and keyboards for Blue Oyster Cult and is the creative force behind The Band Geek Podcast.