Annual Employment Report


Period Covered: August 1, 2014 through July 31, 2015
Stations KCHO(FM), Chico, CA and KFPR(FM), Redding, CA

I. Full-time vacancies filled during period:

(1) Job Title: Board Operator 
Date Filled: 14 August 2014

(2) Job Title: Broadcast Associate
Date Filled: 14 January 2015

(3) Job Title: News Director
Date Filled: 8 December 2014

II. Each recruitment or referral source (“source”) used to seek candidates for the vacancy:

CSUC RF Website

Contact Person
Jesse Converse

CSUC, Chico CA 95929-0246

Tel No.

Interviewee Hired?

The Research Foundation HR Department recruits through a list of about 45 different local newspapers, periodicals, on-line services and job boards -- a list that is too lengthy for this report but will be provided upon request.

III. Total number of persons interviewed for all full-time vacancies filled during period: 11

(1) 3 candidates interviewed*
(2) 6 Candidates interviewed*
(3) 2 candidates interviewed*

*The HR Department does not track the source for each candidate interviewed. Instead, HR tracks the source for all applications received. Those numbers are recorded below:

(1) Board Operator

Internet: 4
Internet-Craigslist: 2
Internet-RF Website: 3
Other-Radio Announcement: 1
Other-EDD Office: 1

(2) Broadcast Associate:

Other: 2
Other-From a Friend: 1
Other-Radio Announcement: 3
Internet- RF Website: 2
Internet: 6
Internet- Craigslist: 4
CSUC Campus Faculty/Staff/Administrator- at NSPR: 2
Other-Internal position: 1

(3) News Director:

Internet-RF Website: 1
Unknown: 1

IV. Total number of interviews for all full-time vacancies filled during period per source:

Please see response above. Information on interviewed candidates by recruitment source is not available.

V. Outreach activities during period:


For the period of August 1, 2014 through July 31, 2015, KCHO and KFPR-FM (together, “KCHO”) had eight full-time employees working 30 hours or more per week. We maintain an active employment outreach role in northern California.


During the reporting period, KCHO continued formal credited student internships with the California State University Chico’s Departments of Nursing and hosted two students from that department. Additionally, two additional students participated in credited internships from CSU Chico’s Departments of Journalism and Communication Design.  Student interns have been trained to collect information and write news stories of local and regional relevance. Students receive training in field recording and interviewing as well as digital audio editing to produce finished news stories for on-air presentation.

Other Job Training 

In addition to our internship program, KCHO also offered students and community volunteers the opportunity to participate less formally in activities at the station. KCHO continued to offer formal job training programs for high school students and volunteers from the Mien in Shasta County.

Community Volunteers at KCHO

KCHO plays host to over a dozen local community volunteers who produce regular radio programs or informational features for the station. The Evening Jazz block is hosted exclusively  by community volunteers and volunteers also produce popular features such as “Nancy’s Bookshelf,” “The Blue Dot Report,” “From the Ground Up,” “The Shasta Serenade,” and “From the Muddy Banks of the Chico Creek.” KCHO also hosts ten volunteer receptionist positions, recruiting and training community members to assist with clerical duties such as answering and routing incoming phone calls, processing mail, writing public service announcements, and assisting visitors to the station.

Station Tours

During the reporting period, KCHO provided tours of its facility for high school, grade school, and community groups. Tours offer the opportunity to explain station operations and promote careers in public radio.

Speaking Engagements

KCHO is on California State University, Chico’s list of available speakers so that station personnel can speak to community groups and students about public radio and its careers when invited. During the reporting period, one staff members participated in two separate speaking engagements.