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Dick Gregory, the comedian and civil rights crusader, died Saturday. He was 84.

His family announced the news on his public Facebook page.

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A California farmer faces a nearly $3 million fine for plowing his field without first getting a permit. A trial begins this week to determine whether the fines are appropriate for violating the federal Clean Water Act.

Outside Lands 2017

Aug 14, 2017
photo by Andrew Jorgensen

Over the weekend somewhere around 50,000 people flocked to the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for the 10th annual Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, including NSPR’s Nolan Ford.

A total solar eclipse, which is when the Moon completely covers the Sun, will occur across 14 states in the continental U.S. on Aug 21, 2017.

A total solar eclipse, which is when the Moon completely covers the Sun, will occur across 14 states in the continental U.S. on Aug 21, 2017.


During a total solar eclipse, the moon blocks the sun from the Earth’s view. On August 21st, the total eclipse will last less than two minutes.

Scientists say it’s the best time to see the sun’s corona, or outer atmosphere. The corona is 200 times hotter than the surface of the sun and difficult to observe except during an eclipse.

Last year, state lawmakers voted to create and fund a gun violence research center at UC Davis.

Now it's open, and people on both sides of the gun debate are wondering if science can reduce firearm deaths in America.


When you look at the data, firearm deaths and car crashes take roughly the same number of lives each year.

The difference is, we know who’s most likely to die on the road, and why. For gun violence? Not so much.

“There’s no part of this problem that we understand well enough.”

We talk with director and cast from "Cheaper by the Dozen," Chico Theater Company's comic production about a family with twelve children living in the 1920s. We also talk with watercolor artist Cynthia Sexton whose paintings (including vibrant florals and geometric cityscapes) are on display at Ninth Avenue Gallery in Chico.

Transgenders have now been barred from serving in the military. Former Navy SEAL and transgender Kristin Beck asked psychologist Anne Speckhard to write her story. This week join Nancy for a conversation with the author of Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL's Journey to Coming Out Transgender.

A recent vote by the federal government could bring real changes to anyone using a computer. The proposal would roll back net neutrality and create internet fast lanes for owners of websites willing to pay more. NSPR's Nolan Ford talked with consumer advocates, internet service providers and tech companies here in the North State about the potential impacts of new legislation.

Dave talks to Ranger Kevin Sweeney from Lassen Volcanic National Park. After the 9/11 attacks, he found himself in need of natural solace and went to Joshua Tree National park in Southern California. A business major at the time, Kevin decided to change his career and life path, volunteered for the Peace Corps and then set out to become a National Park Service Ranger. He's been at Lassen Volcanic National Park and knows the backcountry in all four seasons. He also started up the Dark Sky Festival that takes place around the time of the Perseid Meteor Shower every August.

Redding’s signature playground has reopened after an almost yearlong transformation. 

After 23 years of service, the Kids Kingdom at the Enterprise Community Park was in dire need of repair. Redding’s Community Service Director Kim Niemer says it was literally falling apart.

"We had done or best to keep it going, but it was splintering and decaying and we were going to lose it, one way or the other,” she said.

This week on Cultivating Place we hear the next in our series of Dispatches from the Home Garden, this time from a north Seattle neighborhood where artist, gardener and aspiring vermicompost farmer Emily Wilkins tends to composting worms, awkward old maidens of shrubs. She starts and ends her days in the garden with in the company of family and some of her favorite friends – the plants, the worms and all manner of winged insects. Among them, she finds relief, satisfaction, joy and that at at the end of the day having your hands in the dirt is the very best part. Join us!


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There’s still time to head up the road for a late-summer adventure. Plan a trip with help from this new map of California destinations featured by Kim Weir on her show Up the Road on NSPR.

On Cultivating Place, we speak with people passionate about plants, gardens, and natural history. We explore what gardens mean to us and how they speak to us.

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