A convicted killer from Shasta County who was on death row at San Quentin has died while awaiting execution.

Corrections officials say 67-year-old Raymond Edward Steele was found unresponsive Wednesday night and was pronounced dead from unknown reasons.

Steele has been at San Quentin since July of 1990 after he was convicted of the 1988 stabbing death of Leann Thurman. Steele was also convicted in 1971 of murder and rape.

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An aura of distrust prevailed at a community meeting held in Durham Thursday evening as representatives of Pacific Gas & Electric attempted to explain the planned removal of 32 trees along a rural road connecting Chico with Durham.

Expect the unexpected and be ready. That was the theme Wednesday as members of 23 different agencies, private companies and utilities met in Quincy for the first in a series of drills preparing for a major train derailment and hazardous material spill.

Gold Nugget Days begins today in Paradise, but a core part of the event has mysteriously gone missing. Organizers told the Chico Enterprise-Record that someone has made off with the “calaboose,” which is a sort of jail on wheels, and is used by the High Sheriff and his deputies to sell Gold Nugget Days badges.

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Public meetings have been scheduled in the Chico area as Pacific Gas and Electric Company seeks input on plans to remove an undisclosed number of trees.

The firm has been removing trees it says present a potential hazard to its network of natural gas pipelines. The initiative was launched in the wake of a deadly explosion in San Bruno five years ago. The explosion was not blamed on trees. 

The body of a 19-year-old Magalia resident who had been missing for two weeks has been found in the West Branch of the Feather River.

According to the Paradise Post, Butte County officials said the body of Tristian Lucero was found in the river below Feather River Hospital by search and rescue crews at 11:25 Monday morning.


If you’re one of the many Californians who received a higher-than-anticipated tax penalty for being uninsured, you now have a second chance to get insurance for 2015. Covered California says it’s extending its open enrollment until April 30 to give those without coverage a chance to – at least – lower their tax penalty this year. 

Tuesday night’s Plumas County Board of Supervisors meeting saw another installment of an ongoing North State trend: a flood of State of Jefferson supporters making their case for secession.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Jefferson representatives presented a hypothetical budgetary future, which included more than $70 million in property taxes.

Some board members were dubious of those and other figures, and they wound up declining to commit their support to Jefferson.

The city of Chico is cautiously clawing its way back to financial health. Revenue is up, long-term debts are shrinking and the days of uncertainty and layoffs appear over.

Though prosperity may be a bit further than "just around the corner," a draft annual budget submitted to the City Council last night envisions paying off debts, beginning to restore financial reserves and even some hiring.

It’s a far cry from the situation less than two years ago when local gadflies foresaw insolvency and bankruptcy within months.

Butte County Sheriff's Office

With more eyes and hands devoted to enforcement, Butte County officials said Tuesday they expect to clamp down harder on illicit marijuana plantations across the county in coming months.