Doug LaMalfa

Marc Albert

Congressman Doug LaMalfa ran into a buzz saw of criticism at a highly anticipated town hall meeting in Grass Valley Saturday.

One would expect a more welcome reception for a congressman who easily cake-walks to re-election. But despite the proximity of Beale Air Force base and the many armed forces retirees in the region, friendly faces were few and far between.

California’s farms and, increasingly, urban residents will be dependent on groundwater reserves for water supplies as parched conditions continue into a fourth year. Meanwhile, long-term plans to help ease California’s chronic water shortages took another small step forward. 

Hopes for enough rain and snow to break the ongoing drought have gone from doubtful to nearly unfathomable as winter yields week after week of unusually warm and dry weather.

North State Congressman Doug LaMalfa says he intends to keep the pressure on the Oakland office of Veterans Affairs where he says over 14,000 claims for benefits were locked in a file cabinet and forgotten about — some for over 15 years.

Speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives, LaMalfa said he recently went to the VA center in Oakland and was told that the claims did not exist. However, the Office of Inspector General confirmed they did exist.