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Each week host Nancy Wiegman talks to local, regional and national writers about their latest projects. Co-produced by Nolan Ford, Nancy's Bookshelf airs Wednesdays from 10 to 11 a.m.

Ways to Connect

Paradise author Stephen Arrington recently won a national award for his true-crime memoir, In DeLorean's Shadow. English professor Robert Burton was born in England and has written short stories whose characters, some historical, some fictional, live in London.

Photographer and author Douglas Keister will be at the Chico Museum at 10AM this Saturday presenting "The Storybook Houses of Chico." Author Emily Gallo has a fourth novel, Roads Not Taken. This week join Nancy for conversations with two prolific local writers.

Local best-selling field guide The Birds of Bidwell Park has been revised and expanded. This week join Nancy for a conversation with author and ornithologist Roger Lederer and illustrator Carol Burr about the expanded edition of their popular book.

In her career as a humorist, former Miss North Carolina Jeanne Robertson has written three books encouraging all of us to develop our sense of humor. Also, local humorist Eric Miller will be dropping by before co-hosting Butte County's 11th annual Trivia Bee. This week join Nancy for stories from two writers who see the humorous side of life.

On a special Veterans' Day edition of Nancy's Bookshelf, Oroville native Marianne Aleck traces the history of her French mother and Greek father in her memoir, The Liberty Club. This week join Nancy for World War II stories from both a soldier's perspective and those who were under German rule.

In this week of the Day of the Dead, award-winning author Pam Houston describes a sky burial she witnessed in Tibet. In her new book, The Mindful Vegan, local author and meditation teacher Lani Muelrath urges us to make mindful food choices.

Redding author Steve Westall takes us to a tropical paradise of love and joy in his novel New Hope Island. In his book, Garbology, author Ed Humes tells the story of local company Chico Bag, and writes about an island of 38 million pieces of plastic garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean. This week, join Nancy for conversations about two very different islands.

The Redding Civic Auditorium is featuring “A Night With Janis Joplin” this Sunday.  Local author Laura Joplin wrote a book about her famous sister, Love, Janis. This week join Nancy for a look back at the life of rock icon Janis Joplin, plus a conversation with noted astronomer Tyler Nordgren, author of Stars Above, Earth Below: A Guide to Astronomy in the National Parks.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Matt Richtel wrote A Deadly Wandering, a nonfiction narrative that was selected as this year's Book in Common. It is a mystery and a landmark investigation that explores the science of attention in the digital age. This week join Nancy for a conversation with a reporter who is coming to Laxson Auditorium on the Chico State campus on October 24th.

In the fall of 1972 an improbably victory put young attorney Sam Nunn in the US Senate. His Press Secretary was fellow Georgian Roland McElroy, who has now written a memoir of his years of working with Sam Nunn. This week join Nancy for a conversation with the author of The Best President the Nation Never Had.