Plumas County Denies Charge Of Election Fraud

Oct 11, 2017

Threatened with a lawsuit over allegedly registering fake voters, Plumas County officials called claims by a conservative legal group “absolutely inaccurate.”

In its 23-page response to the Indiana-based Public Interest Legal Foundation, County Clerk Kathy Williams said the county denies allegations that its voter rolls include substantial numbers of ineligible voters.

The county’s response says the organization provided no substantive proof or explanation of how it arrived at its determination.

The group sent demand letters to 248 counties in 24 states across the nation last month, claiming it had discovered jurisdictions with more voters than adult residents. The organization intimated that voter fraud is widespread.

President Trump claimed that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in November. The claim has yet to be substantiated, though the administration established a commission to investigate voter fraud. Critics have labeled the commission a sham.

The group derived its data from recent U.S. Census population estimates, generated by computer model, rather than figures from the 2010 census.

The county said it had 13,230 registered voters in 2012 out of 20,007 persons of voting age counted in the 2010 census.

The group says that 15,894 people were registered to vote in 2016, compared to a census projection of 15,438 adults.