NSPR News Brief: May 15

May 15, 2017

Here's your daily briefing...

Food on Chopping Block: With the drought declared over, Sacramento officials are looking to eliminate a drought-related emergency food relief program that cost taxpayers $18 million last year. But advocates say the Trump Administration’s push against undocumented immigrants is driving more of the needy toward food banks where sustenance is provided without demands for personal information.  

To Desal or Not to Desal: That’s the question roiling a large scale project proposed for Huntington Beach. The project, which would turn 50 million gallons of sea water into drinking water is being opposed by some as both too pricey and posing a threat to marine life. With fresh water suddenly less scarce, it may take another drought to win final approval. 

Plagued from the start: Historical records show former Governor Pat Brown, father of the current Governor, misled voters on the costs, ignored recommendations to delay construction and brushed aside accusations that substandard materials were used in the original construction of Oroville Dam. The report by The Sacramento Bee uncovered several scandals but no smoking gun relating to February’s failure of both of the dam’s spillways.  

Tax Hazard: About 200 protesters joined a flash mob in Southern California, spelling out the word "resist" in a public park area within the Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes. Acknowledging the logistical challenge of spelling out their intended message, "release your tax returns," organizers instead opted for "resist." 

Law help for the undocumented: The governor added $15 million to the state budget to fund legal defense services for the undocumented fighting deportations. About 2 million people are living in California without legal immigration status.    

And on the California Report: Humboldt Bay dredging project faces delays…Do Landsat and Telstar qualify for CRV? A California company plans to put recycling into orbit by gathering broken satellites and other space junk, or to put it another way, “Quark? Garbage!” No word on the involvement of Richard Benjamin (Quark) or Andy Griffith (Salvage-1) … and to quote a former leader, “is our children learning?” a look at President Trump’s potential impact on California schools.