Man Shot At Chico Halloween Party

Nov 1, 2017

A boisterous and crowded Halloween party in Chico ended in a burst of gunfire at about 2 a.m. Wednesday, with one man shot multiple times and an estimated 100 revelers scattering into the night.

The incident occurred just a few blocks from the CSU, Chico campus, on Normal Avenue between Seventh and Eighth streets. The victim is expected to survive.

Chico police Detective Commander Ted McKinnon said authorities are still trying to determine if the same shooter was responsible for a second burst of gunfire a short time later, or for a third shooting about an hour later and a half mile away at North Cedar Street and West Second Avenue. McKinnon said that all of the shells recovered were either 9mm or similar-sized .40 caliber rounds. 

According to Chico police, a verbal and physical struggle occurred prior to the original shooting. It remains unclear if the victim was involved in either altercation or if the victim was a host or guest at the party.