Tom Kinnee

Host, Weekend Showcase

Tom Kinnee has been an arts enthusiast his whole life. He has been an actor, director, playwright and producer for many different North State theaters and has been teaching in the Theater Department at Butte College since 1990. Tom loves bringing the voices of a wide range of arts-creators to NSPR audiences with his program, Weekend Showcase.

This week we visit Chico's Blue Room Theatre to talk with the writer/director (as well as several cast-members) from "Good With Faces," the wildly absurdist dark mystery/comedy currently on stage in its world-premiere production. We also talk with painter Lenn Goldmann and historian Michele Shover. Golmann's landscape of upper Bidwell Park is featured on Shover's new book about early-California conflicts involving miners, native Americans and farmers.


On 3/17, we visit Chico Theater Company to talk with the director and the stars of the Neil Simon hit comedy "The Odd Couple." We also talk with weaver Sandy Fisher about the Chico Flax Project which will grow a field of flax to produce fibers for making linen, a fabric that currently has to be imported from Europe.

We talk with art teacher Daniel Donnelly about his work with young artists at Butte College and at the Chico Art Center, introducing them to fantastic new technologies to help them create art. We also talk with Gregory Thorson of the Shasta College Theatre Department about their entertaining production of the comedy "The Foreigner."

We talk with the director & cast of "Human Error," the world-premiere comedy in its final weekend at Chico's Blue Room Theatre. We also talk with representatives from the Chico Art Center about the "Replication Machine" which allows you (with the help of a hidden local artist) to get an artistic "replication" of any object you put into the machine.

We talk with the director & cast from the increasingly extreme comedy-satire "God of Carnage" produced by Axiom Repertory Theatre, performing at Redding's Old City Hall.  We also talk with Chico State gallery curators about the print exhibit "Currency" -- the Eleventh Annual Print Exhibition and Competition which showcases cutting-edge printmaking.

We visit the Chico Art Center and its current exhibit "Discovery Series: State of Mind" to talk with the three artists whose works are being displayed.  We also visit Birdcage Theatre in Oroville to talk with the director & cast of the classic play "A Doll's House" which opens at Birdcage next week.

We talk with three members of the creative team behind "Uncle Dad's Art Collective presents Abbey Road" coming to Chico State's Laxson Auditorium on January 3 & 4. We also talk with two of the instructors from "ARTisme" (Art is me), a program of classes for Chico-area retired people to explore arts activities from drawing & painting to creative writing to improvisational theater.

We talk with artist Michael Mulcahy about his exhibit "The Monday Funnies," coming to Chico's 1078 Gallery. Mulcahy's odd & entertaining collages combine cartoons, bad ad art and colorful shapes & patterns. We also talk with cast-members from Chico Theater Company's production of the classic musical "My Fair Lady."

We talk with the director & cast from the play "Amadeus" produced by Axiom Repertory Theatre in Redding. We also find out about the Healing Arts celebration at Chico's Enloe Cancer Center, presenting artwork & poetry by cancer survivors -- we hear from the event's coordinator, one of the artists & one of the poets.

We go to Chico's 1078 Gallery to talk with artist Kyle Campbell about the exhibit "Fortifying the American Dream" which displays Campell's cast iron sculptures made in the shapes of iconic objects of everyday America.  We also hear from the director & cast-members from the comedy-mystery "The Game's Afoot" at Redding's Riverfront Playhouse.