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Water, Water Everywhere: With reservoirs replenished after an epic rainy season and plenty of snow blanketing the mountains, state regulators yesterday suspended a rule requiring water districts to prove they had access to enough water to supply their customers for three years.  

The first in a series of seven public meetings concerning recovery and repair efforts at the Oroville Dam is scheduled for this afternoon in Gridley. The meetings are being hosted by the California Department of Water Resources, the entity that manages the facility. According to the DWR, the public will be invited to ask questions directly to department leaders and experts. An informational session begins at 5:30 with a presentation and question and answer period starting at 6:30. The meeting will be held at the Butte County Fairgrounds in Gridley.

You know what ear worms are right? Those catchy tunes that get stuck in your head. Well the ones that get to me have not just a musical hook, they also have a scientific one. And I totally love to sing them in the shower. Join me. No not in the shower – but in my chat with the creator of Acapella Science on YouTube – Tim Blais.

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Close to 21 years ago, a cordon blue trained chef and business woman named Jane Scotter left a busy city life in London and bought a farm. She was joined not long after by another professional chef, Harry Astley. Together the two have taken their 16 idyllic acres in Herefordshire, England and crafted a life fully integrated and interdependent with the land, its plants and animals, their food and their own sense of purpose.

Up The Road: To Honor Water And The God Of The Dark North

19 hours ago
Bok Kai Temple

This week we head Up the Road to appreciate the power of water. Even here in the north, where most of California’s water comes to ground, we tend to take it for granted. Turn on the kitchen or garden faucet, out it comes—and there better be enough to meet our needs, at a comfortable price. We also expect it to stay where we put it, inside the lines that represent flowing water, on maps, and behind the dams we’ve built to stop that flow, to store water and to play in it.

Faced with the choice of closing fire stations or raising taxes, Butte County Supervisors avoided making any decisions Tuesday, but did punt the toughest decision to the Chico City Council, hoping to deflect blame.

Warning of a looming budget shortfall exceeding $3 million, County Administrator Paul Hahn said all services will come under review.

“We’re not going to have a magic answer here,” Hahn said. “We’re going to have to make some significant reductions in the county’s general fund budget. And that, primarily is composed of public safety.”

Major traffic headaches in the Siskiyous where an overturned big rig has blocked all lanes of southbound Interstate 5. There is no detour available. Caltrans says they may be unable to reopen the highway before night fall. The big rig and its spilled load rest near Flume Creek in Shasta County, about six miles south of Dunsmuir.

A major shake-up in how Butte County residents are protected from fire is scheduled to go before the board of supervisors today, as officials try balancing rising costs with static revenue. NSPR’s Marc Albert has more:

The board commissioned a report last year seeking organizational and other efficiencies that would reduce costs.

NSPR News Brief: April 24

Apr 24, 2017

Here's your daily briefing...

Sanctuary City Policies Jeopardize Federal Grant Funding: The Trump Administration has sent a letter to the state saying it will withhold funds from California due to its policies regarding sanctuary cities. The proposed cut funding supports local and state law enforcement, but is a miniscule amount of the state’s city and county budgets.   

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Before his election, back in October, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump laid out a 100 Day Action Plan. He called it his Contract With The American Voter. Among other things, it called for the full repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, suspension of immigration from certain "terror-prone regions," and the lifting of "roadblocks" to let "infrastructure projects like the Keystone Pipeline move forward."