NSPR News Brief: June 7

Jun 7, 2017

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Brown says Chinese interested in green tech: Governor Jerry Brown predicted stronger ties and more co-operation against climate change after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping Tuesday. Brown, on a trip to China, said he believes officials there will soon clear Chinese companies to invest in green technology efforts in California.  

Clouds of magenta fire retardant rained down from Cal Fire aircraft Tuesday, as a brush fire scorched about 100 acres of rangeland north of Oroville.  

Cal Fire reported the blaze 95 percent contained by about 4 p.m.  

The fire was initially reported about three hours earlier. The fire was centered near the intersection of Nelson Avenue and Wilbur Road west of Oroville.

NSPR News Brief: June 6

Jun 6, 2017

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Court To Hear Challenge To Speed Up California Executions

Jun 6, 2017

The California Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday over a ballot initiative designed to speed up executions that could fundamentally change the way the court handles death penalty appeals.

Death penalty opponents are challenging a ballot measure passed by a slim majority of voters in November that aimed to reform a dysfunctional system that hasn't executed a condemned killer in more than a decade.

California, China Sign Climate Deal After Trump’s Paris Exit

Jun 6, 2017

With President Donald Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord, China and California signed an agreement Tuesday to work together on reducing emissions, as the state's governor warned that "disaster still looms" without urgent action.

Gov. Jerry Brown told The Associated Press at an international clean energy conference in Beijing that Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris agreement will ultimately prove only a temporary setback.

Brown Looks To Lure Chinese Electric Car Companies

Jun 6, 2017

California Governor Jerry Brown is in China this week looking to strengthen ties in the fight against climate change. In reality that’s meant meetings heavy on formality and light on substance, which could open the way for more concrete agreements down the road. But the governor has a more specific goal, as well: Brown is pushing the Chinese to invest in batteries for California electric cars. 

Brown In China _060617P
GovPressOffice / Twitter

Governor Brown meets with China President Xi.

Aaron Berkovich / Gov. Brown Press Office / Twitter

June 6, 2:30 p.m.: California Governor Jerry Brown says Chinese President Xi Jinping is welcoming the opportunity for their governments to partner in the fight against climate change.

NSPR News Brief: June 5

Jun 5, 2017

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Cost Of Housing CA Prisoners Expected To Reach Record: Since 2005, the price of incarceration has doubled even though the state’s inmate population has been reduced by about one-quarter. The Associated Press reports the cost of housing each of California's 130,000 inmates is expected to reach $75,560 in the next year. That’s enough to cover the annual cost of attending Harvard University, and is the highest per-inmate cost in the U.S.

What Can $75,560 Get You In California? A Prison Cell.

Jun 5, 2017

The cost of imprisoning each of California's 130,000 inmates is expected to reach a record $75,560 in the next year, enough to cover the annual cost of attending Harvard University and still have plenty left over for pizza and beer.

The price for each inmate has doubled since 2005, even as court orders related to overcrowding have reduced the population by about one-quarter. Salaries and benefits for prison guards and medical providers drove much of the increase.

Chuck Coker

PolitiFact California looks at claims made by elected officials, candidates and groups and rates them as: True, Mostly True, Half True, Mostly False, False and Pants On Fire.

Democrats in California vowed to take on greater leadership on climate change this week after President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord.


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North Carolina televangelist Todd Coontz – author of numerous books on faith and finances – has been indicted on charges of tax fraud spanning more than a decade.

"As a minister, Coontz preached about receiving and managing wealth, yet he failed to keep his own finances in order," Jill Westmoreland Rose, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, said as she announced the charges. "Coontz will now receive a first-hand lesson in 'rendering unto Caesar' that which is due."

A Catholic bishop has instructed priests in his central Illinois diocese to deny communion, last rites and funeral rites to people in same-sex marriages – unless they repent.

In the decree he sent to priests, deacons, seminarians and staff in his Springfield diocese last week, Bishop Thomas Paprocki sets forth a set of norms on same-sex marriage and related pastoral issues that he says are the policy of the diocese.

Arkansas's pesticide regulators have stepped into the middle of an epic battle between weeds and chemicals, which has now morphed into a battle between farmers. Hundreds of farmers say their crops have been damaged by a weedkiller that was sprayed on neighboring fields. Today, the Arkansas Plant Board voted to impose an unprecedented ban on that chemical.

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