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Last time we talked about California’s contemporary creation story, the fictional tale that helped create the richest state in the United States. Native American stories about how this world came to be were much better, stunningly mystical, and more poetic. But a 16th-century Spanish novel about the island paradise of California, a land of gold, precious gems, and beautiful black women ruled by the great Queen Calafia, was the fantady that fired up European imaginations and inspired explorer Hernan Cortes’ crew to name this place California.

Dr. Binoj Matthew is the medical director at Tetra Health Centers.
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Dr. Binoj Matthew is the medical director at Tetra Health Centers.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

In a single day, Dr. Binoj Matthew can see anywhere between 25 and 60 patients at Tetra Health Centers.

Tucked away in the Arden-Arcade neighborhood, this clinic is one of dozens of medicinal marijuana evaluation businesses in town.

Matthew is the medical director of the clinic. He determines whether patients would benefit from using medicinal marijuana.

The mission of The McConnell Foundation is helping build better communities through philanthropy.

President Trump's Tweets, Annotated

Mar 7, 2017
Chelsea Beck/NPR

President Trump tweets a lot. With tens of millions of followers on Twitter, Trump proposes policy, shares his latest actions and reacts to the news. But 140 characters rarely gives the full context. Here, we attempt to do just that for key tweets.


NASA's Aerial Snow Observatory is a plane outfitted with equipment to examine and measure snow pack.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Ezra David Romero | Capital Public Radio

After five years of drought and now all this precipitation there’s so much snow in the Sierra Nevada that state water officials are preparing for a massive runoff year. But the traditional way of calculating the snowpack has a huge margin of error. A new way to measure it could greatly decrease that inconsistency.  

A total failure of Oroville dam would prove catastrophic. The loss of life, likely tremendous. Repair costs unknown.

While much of the focus in Oroville has shifted to restarting the hydro-electric Hyatt Power Plant, the extent of the tragedy narrowly averted last month is coming into better focus.

Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra was formed in Santa Cruz in 2012. Since then the folk/blues band has been continuously touring across the nation and beyond, including annual trips to perform throughout Europe. Marty O’Reilly is currently on tour in the UK, but will return to perform within our broadcast region later this year. 

President Trump has signed a revised executive order, once again barring travel to the United States from six majority-Muslim countries and suspending the U.S. refugee program. It's similar to the president's January order that was blocked by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. But this latest order leaves Iraq off the list of barred countries. The White House cites more cooperation with the Iraqi government in vetting people who apply for U.S. visas. The latest order also specifically states that it does not apply to legal permanent U.S. residents or current visa holders.

We talk with the director & cast of "Human Error," the world-premiere comedy in its final weekend at Chico's Blue Room Theatre. We also talk with representatives from the Chico Art Center about the "Replication Machine" which allows you (with the help of a hidden local artist) to get an artistic "replication" of any object you put into the machine.

NSPR News Brief: March 3

Mar 3, 2017

Here's your daily briefing...

Spillway upgrades in the cards: Department of Water Resources officials, along with the US Army Corps of Engineers, are working on a potential major redesign of the damaged Lake Oroville spillways. An official said the planned changes may be widely replicated around the globe.


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About three years from now, the U.S. government is going to start asking some personal questions. The possible topics of those questions were released on Tuesday as part of the run-up to the 2020 Census, the national head count of every resident in the U.S. required by the Constitution every 10 years.

The United Nations has confirmed that two of its employees, who were looking into violence and human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, have been killed.

An American, Michael Sharp, and a Swede, Zaida Catalan, had gone missing earlier this month while traveling in the region. Tuesday, Congolese officials said their bodies, along with that of their interpreter, had been found in Central Kasai province.

If you're looking for work, you might start with one of those websites that posts jobs. But if you're an older adult looking for work, you might have found yourself excluded from some of the features on those sites.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan opened an investigation after a 70-year-old man called her office and complained that he'd been unable to use a resume building tool on JOBR, an app owned by Monster Worldwide.

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